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Day 1: Saturday November 10
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Introduction/Welcome Bridget Carragher/ Ron Milligan
The Future of CryoEM Richard Henderson
The Technical Challenges Ahead David DeRosier

Day 2: Sunday November 11
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Specimen Preparation Techniques for High Resolution Structural Studies by Cryo-EM Yoshi Fujiyoshi
In-focus Phase Contrast: Expected Improvements, Required Optics, and Research Challenges Robert Glaeser
Issues in Image Formation and Acquisition Richard Henderson
Cryo Specimen Preparation @NRAMM Joel Quispe
Monolayer Purification for SP EM Deborah Kelly
Panel: Cryo-preparation and Charging Ron Milligan, Bob Glaeser, and James Chen
Electron Crystallograpy of Tubes: Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Nigel Unwin

Day 3: Monday November 12
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Correcting the Image Niki Grigorieff
Classification Methods in SP Analysis Pawel Penczek
Automated Molecular Microscopy Bridget Carragher
Leginon - Part1 Jim Pulokas and Anchi Cheng
Leginon - Part2 Denis Fellmann
Orthogonal and Random Tilt Reconstruction - Part1 Andres Leschiziner
Orthogonal and Random Tilt Reconstruction - Part2 Craig Yoshioka
Orthogonal and Random Tilt Reconstruction - Part3 Neil Voss
Panel: Approches for Making Specimens and Ordered Arrays Ron Milligan, Vinzenz Unger, Mark Yeager and Liz Wilson-Kubalek
Structure of the Aquaporin-0 Membrane Junction Thomas Walz

Day 4: Tuesday November 13
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Single Partical Refinement Strategies: Symmetry Heterogeneity and Dynamics Steven Ludtke
Initial Model Generation Thomas Walz
Detecting and Sorting Heterogeneity in Macromolecular Assemblies Eva Nogales
EMAN2 Steven Ludtke
SPARX Pawel Penczek
Spider/Spire Joachim Frank
Freealign Niko Grigorieff
Panel: Instrumentation Kenneth Downing
Molecular Tomography Ken Taylor

Day 5: Wednesday November 14
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Conformational Variability: Experience with Ribosomes Joachim Frank
Maximum Likelihood Methods Fred Sigworth
High Resolution Crystal Structure of the Human Beta2 Adrenergic Receptor Raymond Stevens
Iterative Helical Processing Edward Egelman
SP Processing Pipeline @ NRAMM Gabriel Lander and Neil Voss
Visualization with UCSF Chimera Thomas Goddard
Panel: Data Analysis and Modeling Ron Milligan, Andrew Ward, and Francisco Asturias
Blending Crystallography and CryoEM to Study STIV: A Virus that Thrives in Bioling Acid Jack Johnson

Day 6: Thursday November 15
Title Speaker Audio Slides
X-ray Methods Applicable to EM Stephen Harrison
Fitting and Visualization Klaus Schulten
Signature James Chen
TOM Stefan Bohn
Computer Vision Techniques in EM Craig Yoshioka
Implementing 3DEM Standards David Belnap
Panel: Matters Arising During the Workshop Ron Milligan

Day 7: Sunday November 16
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Electron Cryotomagraphy: Example Experimental Results that Illustrate how the Technique Can Help Answer Important Biological Questions Grant Jensen
CryoEM from Atoms to Organisms Wah Chiu