Workshop on Smart Data Collection for CryoEM

Over the past 20 years, data collection for cryoEM has become highly automated. However, most data collection sessions still require operator oversight to obtain the highest quality data. This goal of this workshop was to address next generation data collection strategies that integrate machine learning and real-time processing to reduce or eliminate the need for operator intervention. 

The Agenda is below. Videos of the talks and PDF versions of slides that have been made available by the speakers can be found by following the links.


Wednesday April 6th

9:00 am Welcome and IntroductionsClint Potter, Bridget Carragher
9:30 am Data Collection Overview and Discussion [video part 1] [video part 2] [Noble slides] [Cheng slides]Alex Noble, Anchi Cheng
11:00 am Overview of Machine Learning for Data Collection [video] [slides]Tristan Bepler 
1:00 pmAutomated Cryo-EM Data Collection with Ptolemy [video] [slides]Paul Kim
1:30 pmAutomating cryo-EM Data Collection with Reinforcement Learning [video] [slides]Yilai Li
2:00 pmData Collection Insights with cryoSPARC Live [video]Ali Punjani
2:30 pmSmart EPU: An open ecosystem for automating Cryo-EM acquisition through the use of feedback loops and AI [video] [slides]Fanis Grollios
3:30 pmSmartScope: Framework for automated cryo-EM imaging [video] [slides]Jonathan Bouvette
4:00 pmMulti-CryoGAN: Reconstruction of Continuous Conformations in Cryo-EM without pose or conformation estimation [video] [slides part 1] [slides part 2]Harshit Gupta
4:30 pmSoftware developments at the CNB-CSIC CryoEM facility [video] [slides]Carlos Oscar Sorzano
4:45 pmHigh-speed single-particle data collection protocols using a 200 keV cryoTEM [video] [slides]Joshua Strauss

Thursday April 7th

9:00 amHands-on demonstrations
Leginon/Ptomely (Huhui Kuang, Anchi Cheng)
Smart EPU (Fanis Grollios)
SmartScope (Jonathan Bouvette)
10:30 amDiscussion
Integrating smart data collection into CryoEM facilities (Mike Strauss)
Interfacing ML software with data collection software 
Next steps
12:00 pmEnd of Meeting.