Visitors Guide

NRAMM Visitors Information


  • NRAMM is located at Simons Electron Microscopy Center at the New York Structural Biology Center.  See here for more information on getting to NRAMM and how to contact us.


Getting your samples/grids to us

  • Please ship your grids to us in a dry shipper to the name and address we will have provided to you.
  • Please send us the shipping tracking number as soon as you have it  so that we can track the progress.
  • If you are shipping samples on wet or dry ice please provide us with instructions on how to store the samples  as soon as they arrive.
  • We recommend that you arrange shipping in ample time to ensure the timely arrival of your sampled/grids at NRAMM.
  • We recommend you ship so as to ensure that your samples/grids do not arrive over a weekend or public holiday.

Getting your samples/grids home

  • Please provide us with a name, shipping address and FedEx account and any specific instructions.

Data collection and analysis at NRAMM

  • Leginon web server: (username and password as issued to you when you registered your account)
  • LDAP account for processing and access to our high performance computing (will be provided to you on arrival).
  • Let us know if you have a preference for specific data collection setup  (pixel size, dose, dose rate etc.)

Getting your data home

  • Please bring along enough hard disks to transfer the data.  Approximately 2 Tb of raw frames can be generated a day, so at least a 10Tb drive is recommended especially if you want to take corrected movie frames home.
  • Hard disks should be NTFS formatted.


  • Users of the Resource are requested to acknowledge use of the Resource in publications as follows: “Some of the work presented here was conducted at the National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy located at the New York Structural Biology Center, supported by grants from the NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences (GM103310) and the Simons Foundation (349247).”