2012 Workshop Lectures

A Workshop on Advanced Topics in EM Structure Determination: Optimization and Validation

November 11-16, 2012

The PDF files of the lectures presented during the course are reproduced here with the kind permission of the individual lecturers. This material is provided for educational use only. The information in these slides including all data, images and related materials are the property of the individual lecturer. No part of this material may be reproduced without explicit written permission from the lecturer.

Day 1: Sunday November 11
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Welcome Bridget Carragher
The Biological Challenges Tom Walz
The Technical Challenges Niko Grigorieff
Day 2: Monday November 12
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Introduction to domain/subunit identification and labeling strategies David DeRosier
Optimizing specimen preparation Holger Stark
Fab labeling as a strategy for small molecules Yifan Cheng
Spotiton: A new approach to EM specimen preparation Tilak Jain
DOLORS: Versatile Strategy for Internal Labeling and Domain Localization in Electron Microscopy Ian MacRae
New innovations for capturing macromolecules Debbie Kelly
Panel Discussion David DeRosier (Chair)
Opening windows into the cell: Focused ion beam micromachining of eukaryotic cells for cryo-electron tomography. Elizabeth Villa
Day 3: Tuesday November 13
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Introduction and new approaches Wah Chiu
Optimizing image acquisition John Rubinstein
Direct Detectors Forum: Short contributions from people who have real life experience with these instruments. David Agard (Discussion Leader)Yifan Cheng (K2),

Richard Henderson / Sjors Scheres (Falcon),

Hong Zhou (DE12),

Niko Grigorieff (DE12, Falcon)

Additional High-end Instrumentation Forum Bob Glaeser, Discussion LeaderAlternatives for General Access to High-end Equipment

Status Report On In-focus Phase Contrast

Henning Stahlberg – SpotScan TEM vs. STEM

Furthering our understanding of microtubule dynamic instability by cryoEM Gabe Lander
Day 4: Wednesday November 14
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Introduction and new approaches Pawel Penczek
Optimizing image processing Sjors Scheres
Single-Particle Electron Microscopy Reveals Extensive Conformational Variability of the Ltn1 E3 Ligase Dmitry Lyumkis
Day 5: Thursday November 15
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Introduction Richard Henderson
A case study for validation Steve Ludtke
Cryo-EM Study of Type II Chaperonin Mm-Cpn in Recognition with human γD-crystallin Bo Chen
Day 6: Friday November 16
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Computational approaches Andrej Sali
Probing molecular architecture and interactions using X-ray and EM Ian Wilson
Structure of the ATP synthase and respiratory chain complexes in the inner mitochondrial membrane Werner Kühlbrandt