2014 Workshop Lectures

Workshop on Advanced Topics in EM Structure Determination: Where do we go from here?

November 9-14, 2014

The PDF files of the lectures presented during the course are reproduced here with the kind permission of the individual lecturers. This material is provided for educational use only. The information in these slides including all data, images and related materials are the property of the individual lecturer. No part of this material may be reproduced without explicit written permission from the lecturer.

Day 1: Sunday November 9
Title Speaker Audio  Slides
Welcome Bridget Carragher, Ron Milligan
Challenges for Molecular Structure Determination Yifan Cheng
Challenges for Cellular Structure Determination John Briggs
Day 2: Monday November 10
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Challenges remaining for specimen preparation Tom Walz
New substrates Lori Passmore
Spotiton/Typhon Clint Potter
Single cell imaging Henning Stahlberg
FIB milling Elizabeth Villa
New NIH announcement for support of regional consortia for cryoEM data collection Paula Flicker
Panel Discussion David DeRosier (Chair)
Structural studies of an AAA+ ATPase by cryo electron microscopy Minglei Zhao
Day 3: Tuesday November 11
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Optimizing image acquisition John Rubinstein
Even higher resolution? Holger Stark
Even better cameras? Greg McMullan
Direct Detectors Forum:
David Agard (Discussion Leader)
Yifan Cheng,
Wah Chiu,
Carsten Sachse,
Sjors Scheres

Phase plates for single particles Rado Danev
Phase plates for tomography Wah Chiu
Panel Discussion Bob Glaeser (Chair)
Day 4: Wednesday November 12
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Introduction and new approaches Sjors Scheres
New challenges for processing heterogeneity Niko Grigorieff
Software and processing challenges Steve Ludtke
Energy landscape analysis Joachim Frank
Panel on mathematical and computational issues in cryo-EM reconstruction Chair: Leslie Greengard
Day 5: Thursday November 13
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Validation Peter Rosenthal
New approaches to validation Pawel Penczek
Chasing the chain Frank DiMaio
Near-atomic resolution cryoEM: how far can we go? David Veesler/Melody Campbell
Panel Discussion: Where do we go from here? Gabriel Lander (Chair)
FEI Breakout Session Matthijn Vos
Processing Movies from Direct Electron Detection Cameras Ben Bammes
Model building, fitting & validation using high-resolution cryo-EM maps Doreen Matthies
Day 6: Friday November 14
Title Speaker Audio Slides
How to choose the optimal microscope/camera combinations John Rubenstein,
Henning Stahlberg

The essentials of a cryoEM lab Justin Kollman,
Melanie Ohi,
Yifan Cheng
Computational infrastructure Holger Stark,
Steve Ludtke,
Daniel Southworth