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Day 1: Sunday November 8
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Introduction/Welcome Bridget Carragher/ Ron Milligan
Challenging Macromolecules Tom Walz
Technical Challenges Richard Henderson

Day 2: Monday November 9
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Technical Solutions Niko Grigorieff
Technical Solutions Fred Sigworth
Conformationally Variable Single Particles Stan Burgess
Tools for Challenging Problems in EMAN2 Steve Ludtke
Visualizing Assembly Intermediates of the 30S Ribosomal Subunit Anke Mulder
Analysis of Archael Protein Sorting and Translocation Sibylle Franckenberg
Heterogeneity in Single Particles Panel Discussion
Research Lecture Joachim Frank

Day 3: Tuesday November 10
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Technical Solutions Grant Jensen
Molecular Cryo-tomography and Labeling Andy Hoenger
Practical Experiences Eva Nogales
Advanced Scoring and Stochastic Sampling Methods for Sub Tomogram Averaging Thomas Hrabe
Cryo-electron Tomography and Volume Averaging of Axonemes Thomas Heuser
Denoising and Segmentation of Cryo-electron Tomograms Zdravko Kochovski
Panel Discussion: Instrumentation - What is New or in the Pipeline Bob Glaeser
Local and Global Mobility in Macromolecular Complexes: Functional Correlates and Implications for Visualizability Alasdair Steven

Day 4: Wednesday November 11
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Technical Solutions Holger Stark
Technical Solutions Pawel Penczek
Trapping Dynamic Conformational States and Cochaperone Interactions of the Hsp90 Molecular Chaperone Dan Southworth
New methods for Analyzing Hetereogeneous Populations of Macromolecules Alan Roseman
Labeling Particles with Heavy Atom Clusters Brian Gibbons

Day 5: Thursday November 12
Title Speaker Audio Slides
Introduction to the Challenges of Membrane Proteins David Stokes
Practical Experiences Nigel Unwin
Single Particle Approaches for Very Large Complexes John Rubinstein
Cryomesh: A new substrate for cryo-electron microscopy Craig Yoshioka
Three-Dimensional Structure of the Anthrax Toxin Pore Inserted into Lipid Nanodiscs Hiroo Katayama
Panel Discussion: Membrane Proteins Vinzenz Unger

Day 6:Friday November 13
Title Speaker Audio Slides
NRAMM Technology Developments Bridget Carragher
A Vision of the Future of Electron Microscopy Wah Chiu
Final Panel Discussion

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