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HIV Envelope Trimer

Structures  of the HIV Envelope trimer, a key AIDS molecule, modelled onto a viral membrane. These are the first atomic-­level structures of the tripartite …

Soluble Guanylate Cyclase

Soluble guanylate cyclase or  “sGC”  is a small protein that serves as an important  part of the nitric oxide (NO) signaling pathway in mammals. Disruptions in  this pathway lead to a large number of diseases including heart disease and stroke …

“Xmipp 3.0 and Scipion

Thursday August 29, 2013 “Xmipp 3.0 and Scipion The Global View” José M. Carazo, Biocomputing Unit, Instruct Image Processing Center, CNB-CSIC

“Emerging Biological Scanning Electron

Thursday June 6, 2013 “Emerging Biological Scanning Electron Microscopy Techniques” KD Derr, Electron Microscopy Specialist-Biosciences-West, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC