“Xmipp 3.0 and Scipion

Thursday August 29, 2013

“Xmipp 3.0 and Scipion The Global View”

José M. Carazo, Biocomputing Unit, Instruct Image Processing Center, CNB-CSIC

XMIPP is an image processing suite focused into Single Particle Analysis which was created close to 20 years ago. Currently is responsible for about one forth of all estructures deposited in PDB/EMDB. Recently we have introduced a mayor release, XMIPP 3.X, where we have worked in detail the notion of “Project” and of “Workflows”, in an effort to help the image processing process t be easier and more reproducible than currently.

Furthermore, and learning from the work on XMIPP 3.X, we have advanced in the design of another image processing system, Scipion, aimed at integrating workflows from different image processing suites, hoping to make easier to the researcher the use of the most advanced imaging techniques from all the packages, at the same time that assuring trazability.