“Emerging Biological Scanning Electron

Thursday June 6, 2013

“Emerging Biological Scanning Electron Microscopy Techniques”

KD Derr, Electron Microscopy Specialist-Biosciences-West, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC

Light microscope techniques like super resolution are leading biological researchers back to the electron microscope to elucidate structure. The image interpretation is further aided by correlating the light and electron microscope images (CLEM). In the past correlation between light and electron images was done manually. Advances in computer software and automation have simplified the work flow for CLEM. Serial Blockface imaging is another emerging technique that is helping researchers automate collection of  3-dimensional data. This data collection can be accomplished by a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope(FE-SEM) or  Focused Ion Beam (FIB-SEM). These are complimentary as opposed competing techniques. Come understand the difference.