Unique Capabilities of the DE-64 for Cryo-EM

Benjamin Bammes, Ph.D.
Direct Electron LP, San Diego, CA
June 24, 2019
12pm – NYSBC Main Conference Room

Over the past five years, electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM) has become the most popular and effective technique in structural biology, due to the hardware and software innovations that delivered cryo-EM’s “resolution revolution.” However, there are still significant opportunities for further improvement, especially with respect to enabling new techniques and maximizing data quality and throughput of existing techniques in order to satisfy the high demand for cryo-EM resources and alleviate the high cost of purchasing, maintaining, and operating cryo-EM equipment.
Direct Electron’s DE-64 is a versatile direct detection camera for cryo-EM. In this talk, I will share single-particle cryo-EM results from this camera and discuss its unique technologies for reducing image noise and maximizing signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). I will discuss how the DE-64 enables very-high-throughput continuous-tilt tomography and microED (electron diffraction) at sub-Angstrom resolution.