Thursday 8/18/2016 – “Non-invasive High Resolution 3D X-ray Microscopy”

Thursday 8/18/2016

“Non-invasive High Resolution 3D X-ray Microscopy for Life Sciences, Materials Science, and Engineering”

Dr. Joel Mancuso and Dr. Mark Riccio, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC

The progress of scientific research and technology development greatly depends upon effective imaging solutions for characterizing the properties and behaviors of your materials. Revealing details of microstructure, ideally in three dimensions (3D), is a critical part of your understanding, whether your goal is to develop and confirm models that describe material properties and behaviors or simply to visualize structural details. ZEISS offers 3D X-ray microscopes (XRM): advanced imaging solutions that have removed major hurdles for three-dimensional imaging by achieving high contrast and submicron resolution imaging even for your relatively large samples. These groundbreaking advances in non-destructive, 3D imaging empower a broad range of technical disciplines.

X-Ray microscopy can also increase productivity in EM workflows by identifying the areas of interest within a tissue, non-destructively, before sectioning and preparing for EM work.

The Xradia Versa family of submicron XRM uses patented X-ray detectors within a microscope turret of objectives for easy zooming down past 700nm spatial resolution with minimum achievable voxels of 70nm. The Xradia Ultra family of nanoscale X-ray microscopes is the only commercially available X-ray microscope that utilizes synchrotron quality X-ray optics and provides true spatial resolution down to