NRAMM releases Leginon and Appion version 3.2

Leginon is a system designed for automated collection of images from a transmission electron microscope. Appion is integrated with Leginon as a “pipeline” for processing and analysis of EM images.
The Leginon and Appion 3.2 release provides support for JEOL microscopes and extends movie frame processing to direct detectors from Direct Electron. Many other minor features have also been updated. More information regarding new features can be found in Change log for <Leginon> and <Appion>

Leginon and Appion are open source software packages released under the Apache License, Version 2.0, and are available for download at: and

Instructions are also available for upgrading existing installations of Leginon and Appion to the current 3.2 release.

If you download Leginon and/or Appion we strongly encourage you to register as a Leginon/Appion user at: This will allow us to keep you informed of new releases, bug fixes, and other useful information, and also allow us to keep track of the user base which is important to ensure future support of the software.

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