Forum 04/15/2004

“Overview of International and National Biomedical Research on the grid”

Peter Arzberger, Director – National Biomedical Comptutation Resource and Chair, Pacific Rim Application and Grid Middleware Initiative

Over the past quarter century, two revolutions, one in biomedicine, the other in computing and information technology leading to cyberinfrastructure, have made the largest advances and the most significant impacts on science, technology, and society.  The interface between these areas is rich with opportunity for major advances.

The National Biomedical Computational Resource is an NIH Research Resource whose mission is to conduct, catalyze, and advance biomedical research by harnessing, developing, and deploying forefront computational, information and grid technologies.

The Pacific Rim Application and Grid Middleware Assembly is an NSF funded project whose mission to establish sustained collaborations and to advance the use of grid technologies in applications among a community of investigators working with leading institutions around the Pacific Rim. A significant number of the initial applications are in the biomedical arena.

This presentation will give an overview of both projects, indicating ways for possible collaborations.

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