Correcting beam-induced specimen movement.

Translational alignment of Direct Detector movie frames to reduce blurring in images affected by beam-induced motion. (A) Average of 60 frames of an area that experienced translations of about 60 Å. Particles are significantly blurred and high-resolution information is lost. (B) Average of the same 60 frames as in panel A after translational alignment of individual frames. The translations for the individual frames were calculated from the translations determined from 10-frame averages by linear interpolation. The frame average in panel B exhibits substantially improved contrast with details at higher resolution that were not visible in panel A.

From: Brilot, A.F., Chen, J.Z., Cheng, A., Pan, J., Harrison, S.C., Potter, C.S., Carragher, B., Henderson, R., and Grigorieff, N. (2012). Beam-induced motion of vitrified specimen on holey carbon film. J Struct Biol 177, 630-637.