3D maps using NRAMM automation

3D maps using NRAMM automation:

3D maps of some of the macromolecular machines solved using the automated methods developed at NRAMM. Structures are: (1) 10-stranded RNA cube (Afonin et al., 2010); (2) tRNA antiprism (Severcan et al., 2010); (3) bacteriophage P22 terminase small subunit (Nemecek et al., 2008); (4) human dicer (Lau et al., 2009); (5) MacAB-TolC efflux pump (Xu et al., 2011); (6) groEL (Stagg et al., 2006; Stagg et al., 2008a); (7) 30S ribosome intermediate assembly subunits (Mulder et al., 2010); (8) 50S ribosome subunit (Voss et al., 2010); (9) Poliovirus (Hogle group); (10) SIO2 bacteriophage; (11) Lambda bacteriophage (Lander et al., 2008); (12) COPII coat cage (Stagg et al., 2007; Stagg et al., 2008b); (13) Hepatitus B virus like particles (Strable et al., 2008); (14) P22 tail machine (Lander et al., 2009). Scale bars are both 10nm; images in top section are shown at a larger scale.

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