Thursday, 3/22/2017 “Large-Scale Data with Nanoscale Insight”

Thursday, 3/22/2017

“Large-Scale Data with Nanoscale Insight”

Gabriella Kiss, FEI/Thermo Fischer Science

How do cells signal change? What roles do individual cell structures play? How do they interact? Questions like these drive exploration of cell activities, functions, properties, and organization. Researchers need to see nanoscale detail over relatively large sample volumes in order to understand functions and interactions within cells and tissues. In recent years there has been a considerable advancement in SEM-based methods for 3D reconstruction of large tissue volumes, which enables project previously not possible to pursue. Serial Block-Face SEM (SBF-SEM) involves combination of imaging and in-situ sectioning of plastic embedded tissue blocks within the SEM vacuum chamber, allowing for automated imaging and subsequent reconstruction of volumes of tissue. VolumeScope offers a highly integrated and extensively automated serial block face platform, while the combination of our MAPS™ software and our unique Multi-Energy Deconvolution technique deliver unprecedented resolution over large sample volumes.