September 22-23, 2016 – Phase plate workshop

FEI’s volta phase plate was  installed on Krios#1 at SEMC in mid-September.  Rado Danev (MPI) and Anchi Cheng (NRAMM)  lead a workshop to demonstrate the optimal use of the phase plate and processing of phase plate data. A panel discussion included topics about the practical use of phase plates for single-particle and tomography projects.

The workshop started at 9AM on Wednesday 9/22 and continued the next morning on Thursday 9/23. The agenda was as follows:
September 21, 9 am
Anchi Cheng: Welcome
Rado Danev: Introduction to phase plates
Practical Session 1: Optimizing phase plates

Mike Marko: Evaluation of hole-free phase plates
Practical Session 2: Set up for overnight data collection session
Panel Discussion (1-2 hr)

September 22,  9 am
Evaluation of  results from overnight run.
Radio Danev and Anchi Cheng: Processing and remaining issues.
Practical Session 3: Further training.