Introducing the CUBE: A desktop SEM with EDS capabilities on Microscope

James Fotinopoulos
MIT, Department of Biological Engineering
12:00 PM Thursday, May 23 
Main Seminar Room
New York Structural Biology Center 

What makes up the world we live in? How can a simple tool, The Scanning Electron Microscope, answer some of life’s most thought provoking questions?  Within the fields of Industrial Application and Research, there is an increasing focus on quality control at microscopic scales. Achieving high resolution imagery through the complex and innovative technology of a scanning electron microscope will provide deeper insight and understanding around these fields, enabling SEMs to serve as indispensable tools across all industries.  What are some of the applications and real world situations in the SEM/EDS world, from litigation, to the most extreme failure analysis and how does this innovative technology function?  A tool that used to be the size of a room, can now sit atop a desk with unparalleled performance.