Thursday 7/21/2016: “Exploring protein thermal and colloidal stability by NanoDSF”

Thursday 7/21/2016

“Exploring protein thermal and colloidal stability by NanoDSF”

Myriam Badr, Nanotemper Technologies, Cambridge, MA

NanoDSF is an advanced Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF) method, developed by Nanotemper Technologies, for measuring protein stability with ultra-high resolution using intrinsic tryptophan/tyrosine fluorescence via a dual-UV detection technology. Following changes in the fluorescence at 350 and 330nm, chemical and thermal stability is assessed in a truly label-free and dye-free approach. Applications include antibody engineering, membrane protein research, quality control, and formulation screens. A back reflection optical system can also be integrated to measure colloidal stability of proteins, measured at the same time as thermal stability. Advantages of the instrument include small sample consumption (10 l/sample), a large dynamic range (5 g/ml to 250mg/ml), no buffer restrictions (including detergents), and fast and reliable thermal and colloidal measurements (48 samples combined, ~1hr run).

We encourage you to attend the seminar to learn more the Prometheus instrument from Nanotemper technologies. We will also be present before and after the seminar for an on-site demo, and encourage you to bring samples to test on the instrument.