4/26/2017: “Addressing Challenges in CryoEM Grid Preparation “

We invite applications to participate in a Workshop on Addressing Challenges in CryoEM Grid Preparation. The workshop can accommodate a total of 20 participants.

There are many challenges in preparing vitrified specimens of suitable ice thickness, and suitable particle preservation, distribution, and orientation, in a repeatable, reliable and robust manner. A major goal of the workshop will be to understand the issues underlying these challenges and discuss new approaches that will lead to improvements in all of these aspects.
Invited speakers include: Bob Glaeser (LBL), Chris Russo (LMB/MRC), John Rubinstein (U. Toronto), Tom Walz (Rockefeller U.)

Apply to participate at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3CNBCBV

The application deadline is 17 March and a final selection of participants will be made by 27 March.

For other inquiries send email to: bcarr@nycbc.org


Clint Potter and Bridget Carragher

National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy

Simons Electron Microscopy Center

New York Structural Biology Center, New York, NY